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Awards and press

   Julienne is often invited to numerous Film Festivals, the last of which was held in Switzerland where she received tribute for the film STELLA’S FAVOR at the Bellinzona Film Festival.
   She is also frequently invited to appear on Italian television. Her most recent appearances were for an interview on the television programme ‘UNO MATTINA’ (RAI Uno), and for ‘La Vita in Diretta’, hosted by Italian journalist and talk show host, Michele Cucuzza .
   In recognition of her acting vocation, Julienne, together with Giorgio Canterini (Life is Beautiful), was invited to read extracts from the Holy Bible, for his Holiness Pope John Paul II(clip), in occasion of the closing celebrations for the Jubilee Holy Year. This international venue, FOLLOWING THE COMET, was transmitted live from the Vatican City by Italian State Television in world-vision on the 5th January 2001.


Mi Fai Un Favore

  The situation is reminiscent of last year’s Oscar wining foreign film ‘Kolya, and would be a perfect Hollywood sentimental comedy… especially considering that Ornella Muti, photogenic as always and even better than usual, offers a spirited role as the victim of the little mischievous child (Julienne Liberto), who acts her role as a sweet little girl, with no affectation and who was cast very well.
(Roberto Nepoti, 'la Repubblica', 16 ottobre 1997)

  Child actress steals the show. Julienne Liberto daughter of Malta-born writer and Professor Alessandro Liberto and of Giselle Ghirlando, is presently shooting yet another film as protagonist. She achieved celebrity co-staring with Ornella Muti and Alessandro Gassman in the film directed by Giancarlo Scarchilli , Mi Fai un Favore. Julienne has also starred in many other films including Figurine and La Piccola Peste, entirely shot in Switzerland. Speaking of Julienne in a recent interview major Italian actress Mariangela Melato said that she was very surprised to see such professionalism and dedication in one so young.
(The Sunday Times, March 23, 1997- Malta-)

  What are our young film celebrities up to these days? So many little ‘stars’ who are fussed and spoiled by everyone, with their own personal dressing rooms, their private caravans, their own make-up artists and hairdressers, all ready to serve! But is there among them a new Jodi Foster or a new Richard Gere?
Rosaria Maria Caracciolo is the owner of the filming agency “Junior Film” and is seen here with a group of her young actors and actresses. The mascot of the group is the young star Julienne Liberto who is presently shooting a film with Ornella Muti and Alessandro Gassman. Julienne may well be the next Hollywood celebrity!
(GrandHotel - LII – N.9 – 28th February 1997)


Una Lunga Notte

  “Una lunga notte” portrays the drama of a couple who are faced with a terrible reality; the serious illness of their daughter Carolina (Julienne Liberto), who is suddenly taken ill. It is immediately discovered that the girl has a fatal malformation of her heart. Her parents, Paola e Alberto (Stefania Orsola Garello and Massimo Venturiello) have to face many difficulties; the waiting list for heart transplants is long and the organs are not always compatible. The couple are desperate and so turn to the unscrupulous dealer (Carlo Croccolo), who represents a mysterious health organisation in Switzerland.
The director of Una Lunga Notte, Ilaria Cirino, was eager to stress: “before we began shooting the film I worked very hard with the actors to prepare them for the long sessions on the set."
And what about the central character, Julienne Liberto? “I really had loads of fun on this set…” Julienne declares candidly… “Ilaria treated me like a true actress, not like some other directors who just give me the script and do nothing else.”
(Adele de Gennaro, in TELEvisione.IT)

  The 10th Bellinzona Film Festival will be officially opened this evening with the viewing og the film Stella’s Favour, directed by Giancarlo Scarchilli. The cast includes Ornella Muti, Alessandro Gassman, and Julienne Liberto who will be attending tonight’s event at the Epocentro, together with the director. Julienne plays Claudia, a young girl who Ornella Muti is forced to live with for some time and who really upsets all her plans.
(Corriere Del Ticino – 8th November 1997)



  Massimo Dapporto is Luca Magli, a high school teacher who considers teaching as a real vocation. He neglects his family in order to help his students at school. Julienne Liberto plays the role of Carlotta, Professor Magli’s sensitive and charming daughter. She suffers the family’s disquiet and her parents’ separation. Julienne eventually stops eating to attract their attention.
(Lucia Di Spirito, in “Sorrisi e Canzoni TV” N.44 November 1999)

  At a recent Press Conference held in Rome, Julienne Liberto spoke of her most recent television performance alongside Massimo Dapporto in Ciao Professore. Julienne Liberto started her acting career at the age of five alongside Mariangela Melato when she co-starred in the television series produced by Rai, L’Avocato Delle Donne. She has, since then become somewhat of a phenomenon in the Italian film industry…and has acted in lead roles with film celebrities like Ornella Muti, Alessandro Gassman, Claudia Pandolfi, Maria Amelia Monti and many others. In a recent television interview for Mediaset, Massimo Dapporto said that it was a pleasure to have acted with Julienne, who he found to be a delightful companion. He also expressed his surprise at Julienne’s serious and professional approach to acting. Her dedication and professionalism, he went on to say, will certainly pave the way to a brilliant and successful career as an actress.
(The Malta Independent – November 1999).

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